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CarPlay Adapter 2-in-1 Wireless

CarPlay Adapter 2-in-1 Wireless

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Regular price $99.99 Sale price $150.00
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▶️Access Netflix and YouTube

⚙️Integrate your smartphone

📱Automatically connect wirelessly to your phone

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CarPlay Adapter 2-in-1 Wireless

Regular price $99.99
Regular price $99.99 Sale price $150.00
SAVE 33% Sold out
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Get it between July 21 and july 30.


  • Wireless Adapter:Connect your smartphone and car stereo through this adapter box to convert the original wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay/ to wireless Android Auto/ or to wired Android Auto, to enable voice assistant to make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, use online navigation.
  • Multifunctional Adapter:Compatible for Netflix(preloaded) and for YouTube(preloaded) to enjoy the fun of videos.Compatible with SD card to play videos, music, pictures.Connect with WiFi and Bluetooth technology for transmission, without need to remove the car dashboard.Support Buttons/Touchscreen/voice control
  • Supported phone model I-Phone with IOS 8 or higher, Android version 11 or higher


Drive safely and obey traffic rules under no circumstances you should watch the screen while is in motion doing so can result in crash


The CarPlay adapter is compatible with over 800 car models manufactured since 2016.

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Upgrade Your Driving Experience With A Connected Car

Our Multifunctional carplay not only offers connectivity but also supports preloaded Netflix and YouTube, letting you enjoy videos in your car. Compatible with SD cards, it plays videos, music, and displays pictures. With WiFi and Bluetooth, it ensures smooth transmission without dashboard removal. It supports control via buttons, touchscreen, and voice for maximum convenience.

Welcome A Seamless Wireless Experience

Don't settle for less—upgrade your driving experience today with our CarPlay Adapter. Effortless installation, seamless integration, and enhanced entertainment options are just a step away. Transform your drive with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

  • Using your phone wirelessly in your car

    Effortlessly integrate your car's screen with wireless capabilities.

  • Stream Netflix and YouTube

    Enjoy all your favorite shows and videos.

  • Effortless connection

    Automatically synchronize with your phone every time you start your car.


How do I install the 2in1 carplay?

The 2in1 carplay is incredibly easy to install. Simply plug the device into your car's USB port, connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth, and you're all set!

Does the 2in1 carplay work with both carplay and android auto?

Yes the 2in1 carplay offers two models. One for apple carplay and another for android auto.

Can I use voice commands with the 2in1 carplay?

The 2in1 carplay supports voice commands for both apple carplay and android auto, allowing you to make calls, send texts, and navigate without taking your hands off the wheel.

Can I use my phone while it's connected to the 2in1 carplay?

Yes, you can continue to use your phone for other tasks while it's connected to the 2in1 carplay. However, we recommend focusing on driving and using your phone safely and responsibly.